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April Showers Bring Reasons for HIV/STI Awareness April 2018

STD Awareness Month

  • As always, the CDC has some useful resources to help kick-start each month and April does this with a BANG…No pun intended! This year’s theme: PATIENTS: YOU MATTER. YOUR HEALTH MATTERS. PROVIDERS: WHAT YOU DO MATTERS. Find plenty of links to valuable CDC resources for Patients who need to know it’s within their power to get the health care they deserve. Knowing what that means starts here with the perfect theme which empowers patients and holds providers accountable. Bookmark this and all other pages in this April 2018 STI Awareness Month Resources article and use it often and when in doubt-Check it out! Use YOUR Voice don’t let “Theirs” be the only one YOU HEAR!
  • The awareness color for STDs and STIs is Light Green. In case you were burning to know! Find more from Personalized Causes and Awareness information. Believe me there’s a color for EVERYTHING, True ‘dat!

Sexual Assault Awareness Month

  • This is the 17th year of the promotion of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and this year’s theme is: “Embrace Your Voice” to inform individuals on how they can use their words to promote safety, respect, and equality to stop sexual violence…Here is more from
    No More who say, Together we can end domestic violence and sexual assault. Take ACTION and start with a SOUND EDUCATION!
  • Get the LOW-DOWN on Misdemeanor Assault in Nebraska from Someone must find their voice in partner violence situations. Be knowledgeable in case you see it or hear someone “near & dear” to you showing signs or hint it’s happening to them. If it’s YOU, PROTECT yourself the best you can, create a plan, get help, figure out how to escape and trust someone-It’s up to you to break the chain of violence!

Couples Appreciation Month

  1. Seems righteous that appreciating your partner should come within the same month as partner violence does just to provide a little levity to the month!
    Couple Appreciation Month was founded in 2010 by Blissful Escapes to, in the words of the company, “encourage couples to do something special to re-enforce and celebrate their relationship.” Since then, the idea has caught on among both couples and singles who want to show their couple friends how much they enjoy their company.
    And yet another reason to buy someone a card, gift or chocolate (Hint, Hint)!
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National Youth HIV/AIDS Awareness Day April 10 2018

  • Youth between 15 – 24 years of age or so continue to be in the fastest growing age group of people getting STIs and HIV. Since it takes one to give it to another we have to help decrease stigma around testing and encourage anyone at risk to simply get the hardest part over with…WALK into a TEST SITE and TEST! It’s painless unless a little finger prick or peeing in a cup is too much for you! Seriously, take control and be part of the CURE for STIs! Find STDs Facts Statistics from Get Checked Omaha and compares Omaha/Douglas county STI rates to the entire state of Nebraska STI rates. The snapshot isn’t pretty. Look for yourself.
  • Teens use the most condoms of any other age group, and mostly with pregnancy prevention in mind. Find the right condom and lube for you no matter what your age is, here at
    The Ultimate Guide to Condoms and Lube from our friends at NYU Local. It will be an enlightening experience to say the least…Promise!

National Transgender HIV Testing Day – April 18 2018

  • About 1.4 million U.S. adults identify as transgender. Trans women, especially those of color, are at high risk of HIV. Find much more from POZ hoping to educate and activate those at risk for HIV/STI transmission in the trans community. To each their own unless one has an STI or HIV. Don’t be a statistic become part of the CURE! Get tested and treated if need be and take charge of your life!
  • Here is an article on The Importance of National Transgender HIV Testing Day from our friends at NMAC.
    Be there for friends who are at risk, remember that holding hands directly causes FRIENDSHIP!

Nebraska Knows How to HIV/STI TEST-Let Us Show YOU TODAY

Go to our HIV Resources Service Directory and search for the test site closest to you…Or maybe one a little way down the road, so no one else needs to know, until you know.
There is NO SHAME IN TESTING but not knowing might just kill you a lil’bit Everyday…

Lily&Q’s Say…Know your STI status and find out TODAY! Every day is a great time to get tested and since it’s usually FREE and always painless, there is no reason to NOT KNOW where you stand in the “STI transmission tree” (Wink!).
Be a part of the CURE by knowing your own status with HIV & STIs. When you know where you stand with STIs an entire Community around you benefits!
Take condoms with you on your date, into your relationship etc. so you don’t have to have the embarrassing conversation later about who had what, and when…? Know what I mean?
Test, Treat, Educate, Repeat…ONLY when and If Necessary.