Eyes Over 40+

As those of us with HIV continue to live longer, “aged-related” ailments are now becoming more of a reality for us-One we never thought we’d be around to deal with! After all, “A.I.D.S.-related illnesses” were supposed to have already killed us as they did many of our lovers and friends, but here we are “Long-term Survivors” and now we have to wrap our heads around getting old and what that means being HIV+.

Many newly diagnosed HIV positives hopefully will NEVER hear the letters, “A.I.D.S.” (Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome) associated with them, so the days of hearing “A.I.D.S-related” will be replaced with, “aged-related”, and care systems must begin adapting accordingly.

age related health issues are worth staying on top of for all people but especially for those who are HIV+. One area of the body that continues to need attention as we age are the eyes. The following article links will shed some light on the subject of good eye care. Check them out and if you haven’t been seen by an Ophthalmologist an Eye doctor in the last year or two, make an appointment, and take control of your eye health. Do it TODAY!

This article explains early signs and symptoms of Age-Related Macular Degeneration. There is also an explanation of treatment options and what to do after diagnosis.

Here is a link to a blog that is generated in Lincoln, Nebraska and has tons of useful, easy to understand articles regarding everything from Virtual Reality to choosing contact lenses and aging eye care. It is for those with 20/20 vision, as well as the person with 2200/20 legally blind.
Link to EyeCare Specialties Lincoln, Nebraska

This article outlines eye diseases and the complications of being HIV+. Some brief history, as well as statistics and outcomes for eye diseases & ailments are given.
HIV and the Eye: Lessons Learned, Challenges Remain – American Academy of Ophthalmology

Finally, a great article on several topics regarding proper eye health. It includes nutritional guidelines, supplements & vitamins, as well as handy tips & tricks on ways to maintain good eyesight.
6 Essential Measures for Proper Eye Sight [Eye Care]: Tips to Avoid Eye Problems – Super Health Plus

These are but a few of the millions of articles and blogs on eye diseases, good eye care, and helpful ways to reduce eye strain, all geared to helping you keep your eyesight for as long as humanly possible!

Don’t waste a minute-Make an Eye doctor’s appointment today.