Intersex Awareness Day Oct 26, 2017

One Special day to GET IT from Anothers Point-of-View!

Understanding that something exists is only the beginning of incorporating it into one’s realm of understanding.

That definitely goes without saying when it comes to making sense of why someone has sex with whom and how they do, especially if it isn’t what works for YOU.

There is a spectrum of people who span everything from absolutely no intercourse to people who believe they haven’t had sex without it. Touching, intimacy, and love are on their own spectrum too, and are concepts one must understand when trying to make sense of their sexuality.

We have all heard, “There is no love without sex, but there is sex without love,” and then spent our time and bodies on finding out what that meant for us.

Some of us ended up with an STI and most of us don’t know who we were loving on when we got the “said lovely” either. Oops!

Be aware of your own needs, wants and desires and know not everyone “floats their boat” just like you do so grow some tolerance for your fellow man and start talking.

Sexual orientation & preference along with gender identification are things we already know about ourselves. Sure many external things come into play, but if we listen closely to our own heart & soul, we’d will find the answers we seek and find partners with the capacity to love us back.