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National Condom Month February 2018

Lily says…Well now a month concentrated on the condom! Boy this wouldn’t have been the case (30) thirty years or more ago that’s for sure! Makes me Smile!

People either swear by condoms or swear at them and here are some of the BS reasons people have used for “swearing off” condom use:

  • Guys are usually thinking more about stopping fatherhood then stopping STI transmission when using a condom.
  • Women think their guy isn’t telling them about their past or what they want in their future if they wear a condom with them. This is just a DUH ladies!
  • If she chooses to use a female condom then maybe the guy thinks she’s a slut.
  • Women usually aren’t the ones suggesting condom usage.
  • Women also believe that if you ask him to wear a condom you are saying you don’t trust thim…Which you probably shouldn’t at that point, if you thought that to begin with.
  • MSM Men who have sex with Men think their partner thinks they have something (Like an STI perhaps?) when the other suggests condom usage.
  • One or the other doesn’t like the feel, how they wear, or they give them some other kind of negative experience.
  • Think sex without involving a vagina keeps them from getting STIs.
  • Some women think that their man shouldn’t wear a condom with them since they are married to him, even if they know he steps out. Like a law protects you.
  • Since most men don’t have a symptom of some STIs then they don’t believe they can get or give STIs.

And the list goes on and on…

What’s wrong with this…Well everything!

Trust is an assumption in most relationships even though if we ask people what is the one thing they think all long-lasting relationships should have is trust. Huh.

Women usually need to believe that their partner LOVES them before consummating a sex act. But that has changed over the last decade or so since anonymous sex is more and more the norm for millennials, who can “hook-up” with an app.

Bringing up the topic of condoms might make us sound like we have a motive-Yeah, like staying sexually safer, maybe? Controlling pregnancy, possibly? Being PERSONALLY sexually responsible, Definitely!

Condoms can’t do their work if you don’t know how to work them, so get in the know, take relationships slow and get tested so you know for yourself what your STI risk is to others. AND START THE CONVERSATION ABOUT SAFER SEX NOW!!

Ins and Outs of IT!

Here is the answer to the ‘age old’ question, “How do I Correctly measure the penis for a condom?” Okay, maybe that isn’t your exact question, but I know you wanna know…This article steps you through sizing up the length, width, girth etc. and then matches that up to the best condom choices possible for the given measurements…Great party game for sure, right?

Got it but Understanding shape and size when it comes to choosing the right condom from RipARoll.

Colors bring some extra fun into your bedroom so what about the rainbow tonight?

Here’s a look at whether to use latex or not to latex and more on the effectiveness of each type of material used to make condoms.

Just to make sure you are keeping up and paying attention, here’s a fun one…Where is Condom France located from me?

What are the facts, benefits or not of Non-lubricated Condoms Versus Lubricated Condoms from Condomania. Who doesn’t want to visit a site named “Condomania”, just because…Who wouldn’t want to visit a site with this name anyway?!

Here is the straight-up om Picking the Perfect Lube For Your Penis from Men’s Health. Absolutely necessary to use with a condom every time. Pick the right one. ‘Nuff said.

Female Condom vs. Male Condom from News Medical to shed some light on why to use, or which one to use, and when to use with links to other resources including: how to put them in, or on correctly, which lubes work with which condoms most effectively, and so on…

Seven secrets of the female condom from PATH Blog answering this and other informational questions!

The Future of IT Condom Use Becoming Useful

Sexually Transmitted Infection STI detecting condom is on the horizon. Two 14 and One 13-year-old in the UK came up with this ingenious idea. Keep your eye on it! There need to be some tweaks and cost studies, but would it mean once the color diagnosed you it would then reveal what to do next? (Go To Doc ASAP!)

This condom is made by forming the latex into a HEX shape… Test-driving LELO’s HEX Condom of the Future from Engadget. According to

Sedic explains that when pressure is applied to the condom, it stretches in six directions from any point. This flexibility makes it more forgiving of tension. If you poke a hole in it, the damage stays contained in the single cell. It doesn’t shatter like traditional condoms.

Excellent answer to, “I don’t wear condoms because they break anyway…”

The Best Condom Exists but We Can’t Buy it Yet from Tonic. In July 2017, a group of MIT researchers announced that they’d developed a futuristic hydrogel that could lead to vastly better condoms (and catheters) due to its unique properties. In a study published in Advanced Healthcare Materials, they explained that the gel-like laminate is flexible, soft, and slippery…