National Depression Screening Day October 5, 2017

This day is annually observed to raise awareness, increase diagnosis , promote treatment and care for anyone, any age including students, professionals and the public.

No one is immune to mental illness and it like most illnesses can show up at anytime in our life; after an event, or when any type of change happens in one’s life.

For many recognizing their depression is the key to resolving the issues before they become a larger problem requiring more intervention, including medicine, clinical treatment, or hospitalization.

The patient or their friends & family are usually the first to notice there might be a problem, so be the best advocate you can be for yourself and take the mental health screening found here Do it for YOURSELF & Loved ones & Do it Today

Online Screening for Mental Health

And here is a link to Special Initiatives Mental Health list of events and programs to be aware of and promote to those around you.