National Latino HIV/AIDS Awareness Day Oct 15, 2017

Start Talking Stop HIV

Knowing your status when it comes to STIs or HIV can save your life, and the lives of those you love.

Culture, race, religion, location, and social norms play a huge part in the transmission of HIV. Addiction and stigma round out the list of choices we make that may put us at even greater risk.

Knowing risk behaviors, getting tested regularly, investigating PrEP if it’s available, and getting treatment and staying on meds for STIs also increase the likelihood you are part of the CURE not a transmitter of STIs.

Start With The STI/HIV Facts:

Here is the 2016 Sexually Transmitted Diseases Surveillance Report where you can
find statistics on all STIs including HIV for new cases by race, gender identification, sexual orientation, and more. Don’t get overwhelmed by the size of this report, use the handy “Table of Contents” to quickly navigate to the information you want.
Pay particular attention to how disproportionately impacted HIV/STIs are in ethnic and certain age groups.
People get and give sexually transmitted infections, don’t be one of them.
PNP – Respect yourself, and the other’s body. Know your status – Expect them to know theirs! Protect both of YOU in the meantime!

HIV andLatinos from POZ

Go here to download the pdf Illuminating the Needs of the Forgotten Olvidados, A National Health Assessment of Latinos Growing Older With HIV. Released by the Latino Commission on AIDS and the Hispanic Health Network.

Here are a few more links to get you started with education on the Latino community& HIV:

Office of Minority Health
HIV Learn the Facts about the relationship between Drug & Alcohol abuse and HIV transmission.

the CDC content page for 2017 on this Awareness event