Start the New Year Right-Know Your Status

Knowing your STD status is key in keeping you and your life style STD FREE! It’s easy to know if you have HIV and other STD’s, and there are testing locations open throughout the week in Omaha and the surrounding area. Check these locations for testing hours, types of testing done at the location, cost involved, and whether you need an appointment or if walk-ins are welcome. Many have free HIV/STD testing, too.

There are also several testing locations scattered across the state of Nebraska. Use the contact form below if you are unable to locate a testing location.

Do it today-There is nothing like having the peace-of-mind that a simple, painless test can give you.

Find Testing information Nebraska AIDS Project locations across the state. Call for more information and/or to make an appointment.

Link to Get Checked Omaha where you can find testing locations at schools, libraries, and testing offices in the greater Omaha area.

Link to NOAH Clinic North Omaha Area Health Clinic offering screening and testing including HIV and other STD’s.

Link to Douglas County Health Department STD Clinic Midtown Campus offering testing and treatment for STD’s and HIV testing and referrals.

Link to Charles Drew Health Clinic offered at several locations. Providing testing for STD’s and treatment, as well as HIV testing and referrals.

This is not a complete list as there are many testing sites and health clinics offering comprehensive HIV and STD testing across Nebraska, so if you can not locate a site near you, please use the Contact Form below giving your location in the state, and what testing you are concerned about, and we will confidentially send you a reply.

  • Many clinics across the city and the state provide sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment, or a referral to a clinic for treatment and follow-up.
  • Once an HIV diagnosis is made at a testing clinic a referral will be given for the confirmatory HIV test at a separate facility or doctor’s office, and a counselor will be assigned to you to make the process easy and seamless.
  • Understanding how HIV is and isn’t transmitted will help decrease the likelihood that you will get another STD or transmit the STD you have to someone you care about or wish to share body fluids with.
  • Knowing the options for barrier prevention and other types of safer sex choices will empower you and help protect those around you.
  • Be a Leader in your Community and share what you know, with those you know! Know your STD Status!

KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, so empower yourself and help our Community reach a 0 (Zero) HIV transmission rate in Nebraska! Do it Today!

Contact form – Please include your city or zip code so we can connect you ASAP with reliable testing options near you.