To Be Transgender:Lily&Q’s Introduction Part 1

Lily&Q’s say…
Being transfixed on transgender seems to be “all the rage”, here lately. T.V. hasn’t helped spread the truth in most cases, either. Go figure.

Even though the NC Governor has temporarily put it on hold, North Carolina representatives recently debated and passed a law that a person must urinate(pee) and defecate (pooh) in a restroom that matches their genitals, something in me snapped, right then and there!

Okay, I don’t know about you but I have never yet met a member of the “Notorious Poddy Police” outside the restroom door waiting to see if I match “my toilet choice to my supposed parts” or not. Then allowing or not allowing me in based soley on their inspection/snap decision-Ouch!

I want to understand-Be respectful, but I have trans friends and I also have my share of questions, too.

  • “How can I ask so that I won’t be offensive?”
  • What is “out-of-bounds”?
  • “What are the best places to get reliable, truthful information?”

In our next few postings we will showcase articles, links of interest, and other resources “Transgender” to help get more educated.

Here is a place to start. It is a link to a poem from and is an apology to a transgender.

Sorry My Transgender Friend poem

This poem made me STOP & think about all the years of stigma, stereotyping, and insults I have personally endured, especially after my HIV diagnosis. I am now beginning to realize that trans people get it 1,000 times worse than I ever have and ever will.

In our future posts regarding transgender, Lily&Q’s hope to help become better advocates for our trans friends-If nothing else we hope we can in the short term become more “language appropriate”, learn and understand new terminology, and be more aware of our brothers & sisters need to feel fully comfortable in and outside their body’s everyday-Usually something we take for granted.

We can’t understand a person’s issues until we attempt to really “walk in their shoes”. This means for longer than a minute or one or two articles and a few quick internet searchs.

Oh yeah, you’d better Find a really, really comfortable pair of shoes so your feet don’t hurt along the way. It’s going to be a long, interesting journey-Don’t say I didn’t warn you…Just saying!
End of Part 1