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Launch of Nebraska HIV .Org Promoting the END of HIV Transmission in Nebraska!

Help us END HIV transmission in Nebraska – Starting TODAY!
BE THE CURE! brings you The “REAL” of what People Living With HIV in Nebraska think, read, act on and research about their HIV diagnosis, and how living with HIV continues to impact their lives on a daily basis. Here you will find HIV positives reactions to articles, research and treatment options for HIV+’s, along with their direct responses to questions and queeries about STD’s and HIV. Opinions are expressed as just that, Opinion and we will be sharing ours periodically, too!

We found that peer support was a “life saver” for us when we first got our HIV diagnosis, now our hope is to be a resource to YOU! We want to empower our community, the doctors and health care professionals that deal with our care, and those who love us to ask questions, and get thoughtful responses back from people who are living with HIV today.

NebraskaHIV.Org – Empowering Nebraskans to:

  • Know your HIV status – Find a Testing Location and get TESTED!! By knowing your HIV status you can start living healthier, protect the ones you love, and the community you live in, too!
  • Reduce barriers – HIV doesn’t see how you look, understand your thinking, hear what you say, or care about anything else, except YOU brethe air, and HUMAN is exactly what HIV needs to stay alive and live well! Don’t be tricked into thinking it can’t happen to YOU!
  • Eliminate stigma – Realize that anyone could be at risk and hatred, bigotry, racism and other stereotypes directly help fuel HIV transmission.
  • Increase Understanding of the Truths & be a voice to dispel the Myths surrounding HIV. Ignorance is NOT Bliss;Even though BLISS is a great “place-to-be”, ignorance about HIV will complicate your life in unimaginable ways, and will force you to get educated about IT, once the day comes you get the diagnosis. Maybe it will be someone you love…Your Lover, your Mother, or your Best Friend…Who could be next? Take CONTROL and KNOW your STD/HIV STATUS-Encourage others to KNOW their own STD/HIV status, too!

Don’t become a Nebraska HIV statistic!

  1. Find a testing site near you: Omaha, Lincoln, Scottsbluff, or Norfolk – Wherever you are we are close.
  2. Get Treated because we know that transmission of STD’s are reduced when one person with an STD gets tested, treated and…becomes an advocate for themselves!
  3. Educate yourself so that you know the truth of HIV-Don’t get tricked!
  4. Use Prevention in Play, and make condums “just what YOU do”! Use them ALL the time because with HIV body fluids MUST be transmitted ‘warm & wet’, so a condom provides an almost 100% effectiveness barrier, when used properly, each and EVERY time!
  5. promote healthier behaviors, reduce stigma and myths surrounding testing, treating, and accessing health care for those living with HIV across Nebraska.