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Group photo of gathered diverse friends in age, race, and sex

Living with HIV

Testing Positive with HIV

Stopping HIV transmission in Nebraska starts with each of us! We can protect our loved ones and people in our own community by knowing our HIV status, staying in HIV care by seeing our providers regularly, and taking life-saving HIV suppressing medicine.

Tips from individuals living with HIV

  • Get into care by seeing a doctor in the first month of knowing your HIV status. This provides you the best health outcome possible!
  • Keep taking your HIV medicines as prescribed. Doing this keeps HIV in your body from taking advantage and making your HIV harder to treat.
  • Join a faith community or support group that helps support you so when things get tough, you have someone to reach out to.
  • Take care of your mental health by seeing a provider who can help you adjust to living with HIV and how that may affect your daily life.
  • Seek programs that help stop addiction to drugs and alcohol as these behaviors impact adherence to HIV medications and can cause other health complications.

“Staying positive once I was diagnosed has been a challenge at times but reading about how others with HIV do it has helped when times get tough…”

– A person living in Nebraska with HIV
Group of young multiracial and diverse sex friends taking a selfie outdoors.

Lily’s Blog

Lily lives with HIV in Nebraska and sheds light on all kinds of subjects around HIV, pointing out events and items of interest to the community and offers (wanted or not) her opinion.