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Know Your HIV Status – Test today

Knowing your HIV/STD status is the start to ending HIV/STD transmission in Nebraska. Testing is quick, simple, and painless! The following resources can be used to find free or low-cost HIV testing and testing for other sexually transmitted diseases. Here are a few quick links to get you started:

Get Tested Nebraska

A great search to find exactly what you are looking for: HIV testing, PrEP, free condoms, HIV facts, and more…

Nebraska AIDS Project (NAP)

NAP has locations across Nebraska providing testing, linkage to care referrals, and “trauma-informed” case management, all-in-one place with condoms available.

Douglas County Health Dept. – STI Clinic

There are several locations to test including public libraries around Omaha which makes the process easy. Testing for others STI’s is available along with limited treatment options and condoms.

This is not a complete list, nor is it intended to offer medical advice of any kind perceived or inferred in any way.
The information here is meant strictly for reference only.

“Finding out I was positive changed my life, but also helped me get on medicine that pretty quickly got me to non-detectable, which basically means I can’t pass it along…And that’s peace-of-mind for sure! I’m so glad we finally decided to go and get tested…”

– A person living in Nebraska with HIV
Medical practitioner discussing results with patient

More Testing Locations!

Use our Resource Directory to find testing locations we have gathered to help in your search.