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Resource Directory

This Resource Directory is a collection of resources, assistance centers, and providers available for those living with HIV in Nebraska. These are listings we feel have some value to people with HIV or ones we have directly accessed ourselves. Many are included to help facilitate and coordinate HIV linkage to care through comprehensive case management with service providers across the state of Nebraska.

Resources Directory

How to search the directory

By Resource Details

If you know anything about the resource you are looking for:

  1. Enter the text in the “search text box” and hit enter.
  2. Click on a resource/service in the search results and you will be directed to more detailed information about the resource.
By Category

If you only know the category for the resource you are looking for:

  1. Use the list of categories to narrow your search.
  2. Click on one of the resources/services listed to be directed to more detailed information about the resource.
  3. Repeat until you have what you need!

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Disclaimers, Use-at-Your-Own-Risk Stuff, and So on…

  1. No listing in this Resource Directory is ever meant to replace your own doctor’s orders or recommendations.
  2. Listings are for Reference Only.
  3. Choosing to engage any of these listings is at your own risk and outcome.
  4. No organization or its members are promoting any of the listings here in any way and take no responsibility for any results from any interactions you choose to have with any of them either.
  5. Basically, just “Expect That Your OWN Mileage Will Vary”!