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Public Housing Health Centers Day August 14 2018

In the United States there are currently about 1.3 million occupied public housing units administered by over 3400 public housing authorities. Public Housing residents are NOT on vouchers or section 8 funds.. Those are separate systems. Public Housing is administered by local housing authorities that qualify for funding. Integrating health care into these facilities is a Godsend for their patients!

Healthcare for the Homeless Day August 15 2018

Accessing quality, comprehensive health care isn’t easy for some people let alone if one is homeless. When the barriers are transportation or fear of a doctor you have to leave your neighborhood to visit, Charles Drew Health Care Inc. tries to remove as many of the reasons and barriers as possible so clients get the best care available. Charles Drew is serious about serving their community. Read here for more…

May FLOWERS With Health Awareness Themes May 2018

After a dicey April, May presents us with a plethora of Health awareness topics spanning from the silliest to one of the most physically debilitating diseases known to modern man. Many good links to bookmark and “Don’t Worry,, Be Happy” once you’re in the KNOW!

Douglas County Sees Progress In Fight Against STDs, but plenty of work remains

Douglas County Nebraska is ranked as 12th in the Nation for
chlamydia transmission and the problem is that Douglas county NE has a population of only 550,064. So if you have chlamydia in Douglas county you help boost the transmission rate to approximately 62% and shows we know how to “get it on” in the Plains States! Well except for putting on a CONDOM first that is…!

April Showers Bring Reasons for HIV/STI Awareness April 2018

April showers lead to May FLOWERS but only if the April showers know what they are doing! Take control of your own assorted “populations” if they have the name of an STI on them, and test, treat and make sure to bring condoms to the party!

National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day March 10 2018

“African Americans and Hispanics represent 31% of people in the U.S. but they account for approximately 77% of women living with HIV.” This year Women have to start somewhere so why not start with YOU? Know YOUR HIV/STI status TODAY!

World Kidney Day March 8 2018

“On this occasion, World Kidney Day and the International Women’s Day 2018 are commemorated on the same day, offering us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’ s health and specifically their kidney health. On its 13th anniversary, World Kidney Day promotes affordable and equitable access to health education, healthcare and prevention for kidney diseases for all women and girls in the world.”