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Public Housing Health Centers Day August 14 2018

Housing is Health Care and Charles Drew is doing their part!

Charles Drew Health Centers Inc. (CDHC) has been serving the Omaha area since 1983 and continues providing needed, affordable and accessible health care to people in the greater Omaha community.

Charles Drew is an excellent choice for health care of all kinds and health screenings including, Diabetes, Heart disease, STI testing, and treatment, HIV testing and referral, Cancer and much more along with case management and counseling. They have a sliding fee scale and serve insured as well as un or under insured clients.

Charles Drew has several health care satellite locations scattered through-out the Omaha area with many being right were their clients and prospective patients live and work so access is easy and painless!

An appointment at Charles Drew is the only thing needed, it’s that simple.

Conveniently Charles Drew is located in four Omaha Public Housing sites and has hours that allow for greater access and with little or no transportation concerns involved.

By decreasing or removing barriers altogether patients remain in better health and seek medical attention quicker lessening the long-term effects illness and chronic disease can cause. This also reduces the overall cost in treating patients.

Patients stay healthier when someone cares and Charles Drew is just that, a neighbor, a friend someone who wants health care for all who need it, affordably and with compassion. They continue through their programming to provide services to many in the community who simply wouldn’t have it otherwise.

By the way they have a patient portal so the patient can print records or results. Keep track of appointments and update personal, and communication information like email or text. Excellent for busy or forgetful patients!

What Health Care is Provided at Charles Drew Public Housing Health Centers?

Charles Drew and their staff have brought health care right to where it makes sense, where one lives!

Many wellness health care issues along with any chronic illnesses can be monitored and managed in this environment including regular blood pressure testing and referrals to the Dentist or mental health professionals when and if needed.

Having a presence in the community strengthens the bonds between the client and those providing services.

      "One goes where one knows and trusts to go!"

Once a provider is trusted the patient and provider become allies in promoting healthy behaviors and practices thus increasing the wellness of the entire community.

ON-SITE healthcare services offered at each location:

  • Pediatric medical care
  • Adolescent medical care
  • Adult medical care
  • Geriatric medical care
  • Behavioral health support services
  • STD and HIV/AIDS testing, counseling and treatment
  • Interpreter services
  • Limited transportation services

Referral to the Main Health Center at 2915 Grant Street When Needed

Where the following services are provided:

  • Dental care
  • Pharmacy services
  • Medication assistance
  • Fitness and nutrition services
  • Disabilities assistance
  • WIC (Women Infants Children nutritional support) services
  • Nurse and social work case management
  • Father involvement programs
  • Health education and training classes

You can contact the main Charles Drew location at 402-451-3553, or go to Charles Drew home page for more information or to make an appointment.

Public Housing Health Care Locations

Through their years of dedication Charles Drew has continued to expand their services and offer them to those who live in public housing. Any families that live in the area surrounding one of these facilities are also welcome.

Health care is a community effort and Charles Drew is dedicated to realizing this crucial need for all people in the Omaha area.


5904 Henninger Avenue
(402) 457-1240


5100 Florence Boulevard
(402) 457-1241


3600 N. 24th Street
(402) 457-1242


600 South 27th Street
(402) 457-1243

To get an appointment with Charles Drew please use the following:

  • Medical Services (402) 451-3553
  • Dental Services (402) 453-1433
  • Behavioral Health Services (402) 810-9758
  • Pharmacy Services (402) 451-3244
  • Administration (402) 457-1200

Lily&Q’s say…Public housing is a valuable asset to communities across the United States.
Atlanta built the first public housing units in 1937 and so it began. If it weren’t for these federally funded facilities many people would simply be homeless and left with no recourse.
For people living below the poverty level or are disabled and can’t work public housing meets an important need everyone deserves, a safe, affordable, decent place to live. Especially if one has no or lower income.
When Charles Drew made it part of their mission to get health care to anyone and everyone because each human deserves to have access to affordable, comprehensive, from birth to death health care, the idea grew into becoming a provider in the Public Housing Health Care arena.
Their patients and those who seek testing or screening from their clinics thank them.
The people who found good health care too far away from them to get there on a regular basis thanks them.
The teenager who feels they slipped up and put themselves at risk for an STI or HIV and needs a test NOW, thanks them!
The Mom who has a two-year-old and a new baby accessing cheese and milk from the WIC program really, really thanks them!
And the list goes on and on.
Basically, it comes down to Charles Drew fills the health care niche in a community that since 1983 has been its focus. They continue to offer needed services and referrals to clinics like dentistry, mental health or WIC which can provide other types of “wellness-centered” care through their main location at Grant Street.
The slogan: “Housing is Health Care”, was used to get Housing Opportunities for People With AIDS (HOPWA) to Nebraska around 2002-03 and we were one of the very last states to get these federally offered funds. This also shows what an “uphill” climb this issue has been for Nebraskans living with HIV/AIDS, and how much more there is to do.
It is proven that when a person is in stable housing, has clean water and toilet facilities, along with a place to cook and eat food they maintain a low to no viral load, managing sleep and eating with more regularity help a patient keep appointments with health care providers. All of these contribute to a “lower community viral load”.
The funding from HUD administered through HOPWA along with additional housing funds available through the Ryan White Program people living with HIV are able to access stable housing for the long-run.

When there’s a place to put pills, prepare hot food when needed and a place to poop or puke, we can maintain our own wellness and need less shoring-up from case management or other social services.
It puts US back into control, gives us peace of mind and so we need less mental or physical care, too!

Housing is a Win Win situation – The community wins when a chronically ill person isn’t stressing an already overloaded system with their needs that a dwelling can provide like a fridge or shower and the individual wins because they become a valued, confident member of their community, possibly being the one able to give back someday!
Know your status with STIs and HIV and YOU decrease the probability of becoming a statistic and keep the community you live in healthier too! Do it today YOU ARE WORTH IT!