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Diverse group of people hugging each other's shoulders in park

People are living longer with HIV

Find resources and more here at Nebraska HIV

Nebraska HIV is a site curated and managed by individuals living in Nebraska with HIV to provide information, resources, and support to others in the HIV community and is not overseen by any organization or governmental entity.

Getting Started

Three hands each holding a red ribbon in front of a damp window that looks outside.

Knowing Your Status ✔

Find a testing location today and take back control of your sexual health

Group of five people diverse in age, sex, and race standing in a library reading nondescript notebooks together.

HIV Prevention ✔

If you test HIV negative, PrEP and other preventative measures can help you stay that way

Living with HIV ✔

If you test HIV positive, learn about HIV care and how others adjust to living with HIV

Group of young multiracial and diverse sex friends taking a selfie outdoors.

Active Voice ✔

Vote, reach out to your senators, and join support and advocacy groups that support the lives of HIV+ persons in Nebraska