Nebraska Red Ribbon community Speakers Bureau

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Nebraska PLWA’s (People Living With AIDS) offer their unique perspective and personal take on living in Nebraska with HIV and how access to medical and support services help them make it day-to-day.
HIV Talks are age-appropriately crafted for each audience and include the following: How HIV continues to be transmitted-What body fluids, and modes or ways it gets transmitted.
What communities are most at risk -Who is currently getting infected with HIV the most, like people of color and women.
The personal slant of living with HIV on a daily basis, from diagnosis to today, and how one’s daily life has been impacted over the last several years with medicine, treatments and the changes the HIV community has lived through.
How HIV continues to impact Nebraska communities one diagnosis at a time. On the average approximately every 2 3/4 days a Nebraskan gets an HIV diagnosis-We don’t want that someone to be YOU!
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Grand Island
Counties Served:
All 93 Nebraska & 11 South West Iowa counties