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Testing|First-Know your HIV/STD Status

It starts with Taking Responsibility

Knowing your HIV/STI status is the start to taking control of your life

  • Hearing things about your “Ex”, that are alarming?
  • Think you have finally met someone “Perfect”?
  • Wondering how you could have missed the signs?
  • Don’t know what to do next?

Chillax – Get TESTED!

The test for most STD’s is painless, quick and easy, with most results available immediately. Small amounts of blood or urine are needed for testing, and having the test results available right then and there, helps put us back in control of our lives, when we walk out the door.

Knowing before you leave a test site where to go to get treatment, and what to do next if you have an STD or HIV is critical, too. By encouraging others to test & know their own STD status we begin to make our community a safer place for everyone to live!

Do Your Part Find a Test Site & TEST TODAY!

Take responsibility and know the real risks and myths of how STD’s are transmitted, and become an advocate for everyone knowing their STD status!